Weekly marketing podcast Idea360 launched

Igal neljapäeval kuula uut episoodi veebilehelt idea.ee/saade

Idea ad agency has launched a weekly podcast that discusses topics related to communication, marketing and growing businesses. Subscribe to the podcast and listen online at www.idea.ee/saade.


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“Marketing and communication are multifaceted and a very rapidly developing field that is closely integrated with management, product development and customer service as well. For that reason, there are very many topics to talk about in the context of marketing,” says Kuldar Kullasepp, head of the Idea content marketing team and one of the producers and hosts of the podcast.

Co-host of Idea360 Egle Loor, a consultant with the content marketing team, said the purpose of the podcast “aired” every Thursday is to talk to marketing and communication professionals about “topics that need discussing”. “In the first podcast we talked about stages on the client journey, the second one will take on H2H marketing and the next ones will cover influential marketing, creativity and a number of other everyday topics faced by marketers. We’re also definitely looking forward to suggestions from listeners as to possible guests and topics,” Loor said.

Professionals, students – anyone interested for that matter – are all welcome to tune in.

The on-demand archive is at www.idea.ee/saade and the podcast is also available on Apple Podcasts and Soundcloud.

There are very many topics to talk about in the context of marketing

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