Communication is the art of conveying messages. Our ability lies in doing so at the right time, in a suitable form and in the optimum way.


Communication strategy

There’s no such thing as chance in the public relations world. A good public image and functioning, effective media relations are closely connected. Idea PR offers solutions ranging from strategic PR planning to implementing everyday media relations. There’s always more choices than just one when it comes to taking your message to the target group. We help our customers lay down the right messages and accents that will strike a chord with the desired target groups.

Media relations

Well-functioning media relations are what a good public image is based on. Professional management of media relations starts with laying down strategic principles. Every step has to be well-planned and expertly executed – that is how we can go from executing ideas to real results.

Marketing communication

Often our projects aim to refresh and improve the reputation of goods and services already on the market. PR and advertising aren’t opposites, and through an integrated approach, they complement each other and PR helps ad messages have long-term impact. Did we already mention that we also get along smashingly with IDEA Havas Media?

Corporate communication

In this field, we offer full solutions – audits, communication strategy and tactical planning. We also can communicate corporate goals, economic results, information on company representatives and other information to a company’s key target audiences and stakeholders.

Crisis communication

The goal of crisis communications is to assist in managing the crisis by applying the right measures and sending out the right messages over the right channels. We’ll put out the fire for you.

Organzing media events

One of the cornerstones of PR: any occasion can be turned into a media event. It’s a fine art, but luckily, in Idea PR you’re dealing with a master sensei.

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