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We’re part of the international Havas Media Group (145 countries around the world), which gives us access to unique set of tools and research resources.

For us, there is no such thing as separately earned, owned, shared or paid media. Everything is strongly integrated, mutually complementary – and by putting it all to work together organically, we generate the best result for our clients.

Clients are the kings – we proceed from their aims and our aim is to generate revenue for each client.


Consumer and media research

As a representative of Havas Media, we have the top tools at our disposal:

  • Connect – overview of how various brands and categories are performing and how they match up with consumer interests on owned, shared, earned and paid media channels;
  • Meaningful Brands – the biggest brand studies in the Baltics, giving insight into how brands make people’s lives better and offering strategic recommendations how to increase the meaningfulness of the brands and achieve long-term success;
  • Prosumer – series of research-based publications that shed light on future trends in consumption and marketing.

We use all of the Estonian media surveys on a daily basis (e.g. Kantar Emor and Gemius).

Digital media

We focus on providing data-driven digital solutions, using the latest media technologies and solutions. We translate the existing data into the language of the media and we reach the target group at the right time and in the right place. We use technologies that allow us to personalize automate the marketing messages. We disseminate messages both in leading local and international advertising networks and media channels. Our services include banner ads in local media, Programmatic, AdWords, social media, Retargeting, DMP, SEO and CRO solutions. We have a Google Partner badge.

Media strategy, planning and purchase

We develop a media strategy that stems from the target group (both online and offline media) and implement it (including planning, execution, reporting and detailed analysis ): Besides traditional media channels, we also draw on owned, shared and earned media channels and carry out custom solutions.


At every step of the way, we rely on analytics: we map out the customer journey, present campaign overviews and track competitor activities in real time on the interactive Idea web reporting platform, carry out extensive follow-up research into the campaign and brand surveys, econometric modelling and much more.

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Kert Kangert
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Kert Kangert


5556 2256

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media strategist

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digital media strategist

Triin Hook

key account manager

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Gerdi Klaas

key account manager

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Anett Pero

digital media project manager

Gerlin Narits

key account manager

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Maria Rahamägi


Raili Kasemaa

media planner

Jennie Rammo

analysist - media planner

Pearu-Paul Piperal

media planner

Eha Talvist-Reinsalu


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Helle Tõnts


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Joao Rei Carlos Nunes

head of digital innovation

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Mauri Sööt

head of research

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Eikner Evelin

strategist (on maternity leave)

Helen Huberg

stategic planner (on maternity leave)

Mark Eikner


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Evelyn Viilu


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