Every brand and organization has its own story. The content marketing team makes the various chapters in the story into a whole using a carefully crafted strategy, using text, image, video and audio formats. The desire to try something new encourages the team to engage in new collaborations and set higher goals. Everyday social media posts, salient content marketing strategies and projects.



Productive activities start with a strategy – business and communication goals, mapping target groups, analysis of competitors. Content marketing works the same way. In cooperation with the brand, we lay down the broader content marketing strategy and our vision of how information will be sent out over the brand’s own channels and social media. For example, we’ll hold a common brainstorming session with the brightest minds from the client’s ranks and the agency participating.

Managing own channels

Every brand and organization has an opportunity to use its website or newsletters to distribute a message about what is important. Content marketing has a high regard for such channels and puts effort into developing them – whether we’re talking about blog entries, website/newsletter copywriting, SEO, or automated newsletters. That way people looking for answers to their questions on search engines are directed to just the right page.

Social media and influencer marketing

All activity on social media starts with the question “why”. Why do we have to have a FB or Instagram presence? What do we want to say to whom? This way we can create relevant content – be it in the form of text, video, image or sound, and build the audience the brand needs, on social media.

To get the word out about the brand, it’s a good idea to engage in cooperation with active people, influencers. We find the right people for you – people who are right for the brand and who can inspire the audiences.

Cooperation projects

To create and spread valuable messages, we work with different partners – whether they’re various brands, opinion leaders, mass media channels or online environments with a smaller number of followers. Cooperation strengthens the message content and influence; the channel ensures a greater range for a good idea.

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