World Class competition

How to talk about a competition for bartenders when alcohol is a tabu?

At a time when alcohol is a taboo subject and the Advertising Act is putting restrictions on manufacturers’ options, Idea PR was tasked with offering PR support for the World Class bartenders’ competition organized by Prike’s partner Diageo since 2009. We set the goal of introducing the participants at World Class, bar and beverage culture trends and increase the visibility of the general developments in the field both in Estonia and around the world.

World Class List

In cooperation with World Class, we introduced the competition from several different angles. The Italian champion and world-famous show bartender Denis Zopp visited, and Estonian winner from the 1st season of World Class Regeri Zoo shared his experience. Prike World Class Brand Ambassador Andrei Kazakov talked about different trends in cocktail and drink culture. The goal was to keep good taste, without equating alcohol and cocktails – World Class isn’t necessarily only about alcoholic beverage. So we also provided recipes for virgin cocktails, all to get teetotallers interested in this field as well.

There were tens of media segments and stories that introduced the grand-scale competition and the participants. We talked about bartender culture and its trends and developments. The best bartenders from other countries who visited World Class trainings shared their knowledge and experience and ideas in various interviews and media texts. In other words, there’s no topic that can’t be provided with PR support in a distinguished, effective manner.

There is no topic where polite and effective PR-support is impossible!

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