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Launch of Elisa Raamat e-book reader

The Elisa Raamat e-book reader introduced a novel feature, a read-to-me function called Iselugeja (Self-reader). Our idea diversified the possibilities for using Elisa Raamat. The campaign’s goal was to increase the renown of Elisa Raamat by around 40% and app downloads by sevenfold during the campaign period. The campaign was prepared together with DDB Eesti.

TV clip for Elisa Raamat

More than 2200 book. Read and listen, despite your location.

To tell the story to a broader target group, we chose TV and outdoor media in Tallinn and Tartu. As a custom feature for outdoor media, an interactive bus stop was used in Tallinn, where similarly to the app, one could choose from a selection of books  on a touchscreen. The screen displayed an excerpt and the Iselugeja function also read the passage out loud.

Clips on radio and Spotify, where writers introduced the service, went together well with the message that the books can be listened to at the wheel of a car, too – the authors themselves were perfect for introducing this. Our selection of media also included intercity buses, a good time to reach people when they’re “captive” and bored and perhaps looking for a way to make the time go by. We also chose online channels with a good coverage, where the message was to download the app.

Downloads of the Elisa Raamat app reached more than 159% of the planned level – and 13% of the downloads reached the subscription stage. Elisa Raamat’s recognition metric outstripped the target by 5%. A total of 98% of Elisa Raamat users were aware of the mellifluous-voiced Iselugeja function after the end of the campaign. More than half of new clients cited Iselugeja as the reason for signing up. One-fifth of the ones who tried out the self-reader say they now prefer it to reading themselves. In the three months that followed the campaign, app downloads were double and the number of customers who signed up was 3 times higher than normal. The campaign proved that the ancient art of reading books is open to innovation – you just need a smart idea that works!

Downloads of the Elisa Raamat app reached more than 159% of the planned level

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