Illustrations for Crafter’s Gin

Crafter’s London Dry Gin is an artisanal Estonian gin inspired by pure Nordic nature, produced in small batches by Liviko’s master distillers according to the finest British traditions. It’s Estonia’s first handcrafted gin, aimed for consumers who value quality and design and express themselves through their choices.

The objective was to present Crafter’s London Dry Gin to the target audience in a way that would highlight the story behind the product.


Making of Crafter's photos

We wanted to take Crafter’s London Dry Gin’s essence and put it on print, carrying the spirit of handcraft and inspiration. Something made by hand, fuelled by love – like the product itself.

To achieve this, we handcrafted collages where photos of models and herbs related to the product were joined together in compositions, and then photographed the end results.

In the heart of everything we used well-known local artisans as models: awarded designer Mihkel Masso and versatile artist Kärt Hammer.

Soovisime võtta Crafter's London Dry Gini põhiolemuse ja väljendada seda paberil, et sellest õhkuks käsitöö ja loomingu vaimsust.

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