Diversifying the public service!

How to invite native speakers of languages other than Estonian to work for the government sector?

In the summer of 2017, at the behest of an integration foundation, Integratsiooni SA, we coordinated a PR campaign on one of the thorniest problems facing the Estonian state, aimed at making the integration of non-Estonians more effective while preserving and valuing diversity in Estonian society. Part of the campaign concerned explaining to public sector managers why hiring non-Estonian-speakers was beneficial. How to invite native speakers of languages other than Estonian to work for the government sector and convince them that their professional future did indeed lie in Estonia?


For the campaign, we made 10 videos starring Russian-speakers currently working for the state sector. The TV footage was made in cooperation with the TV channel ETV+ and it was aired as the series of programmes called “Varju päev” (Work Shadow Day). Each episode portrayed one person’s success story, day-in-the-life style. A Russian-speaking secondary schooler played the part of the reporter who trailed the public servant as a work shadow might. A total of 14 teens and 10 success story subjects were featured in all. IDEA made a shorter version of each episode that was shared over Facebook and posted on the campaign landing page.

To carry out the campaign, we set up a landing page at, which garnered over 18,000 unique visits during the period, exceeding the target by 230%. The official media partner for the campaign was the Russian language version of Delfi, which set up a topic page sharing the name of the campaign. During the period, 44 articles were published in nationwide media, and direct contacts were forged with 589 Russophone youths by carrying out 12 information seminars, 9 of them at schools where both Russian and Estonian are languages of instruction, 1 interactive webinar in Facebook Live format and 2 info seminars for public sector HR managers. Dialogue on sensitive subjects is like a tightrope ,where every tiny detail is at stake. Multitalented that we are, we were able to successfully pass the test.




Campaign landing page garnered over 18,000 unique visits, exceeding the target by 230%

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