Content marketing project with Eesti Energia

Eesti Energia state power company’s image is primarily related to electricity. When it started selling gas to home consumers, it entered a new market where consumers didn’t associate with Eesti Energia but where Eesti Gaas the gas utility was strong. Eesti Energia thus need support for developing its image as a broad-based leader on the energy sector.

As one component in the broad-based ad campaign, Delfi ran ten Estonian and five Russian energy themed articles on Delfi’s content marketing space from October to January. The first half of the campaign introduced readers to the possibilities of gas heat, related investments and the expected benefits. The second half of the campaign put the emphasis on energy savings and smart solutions, which also included use of gas as one aspect. As the goal was to write practically useful articles, several articles used specialists unrelated to EE as spokespersons and sources, such as real estate developers and builders.

The main goal set was the number of reads of the articles, and the second goal after reaindg was navigation to Eesti Energia’s website. The article readership target was more than 140% met., ensuring that the message – Eesti Energia sells gas – reached a large number of Delfi readers.


The goal was achieved in 140% - message of Eesti Energia sellinggas reached a large number of Delfi readers.

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