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How to attract and employ overseas ICT specialists?

How to keep digitally advanced Estonia running despite its’ decreasing population of 1.3 million, and to attract and employ overseas ICT specialists?

We decided to look to our neighboring Finland. A country, where we receive 2.4 million tourists every year. Meaning, that there’s lot of Finns constantly looking for a place to stay, even if in most cases just for one night. We also knew that young, tech-savvy ICT workers prefer to book rooms on Airbnb rather than some traditional sites. Which gave us an idea…


Book a Job in Airbnb

Work in Estonia initiative

Instead of just offering a room to rent, we introduced the concept of “Book a Job”. Now it was possible for Finns to book a job with a click of a button on Airbnb.

This true guerrilla-style approach was an instant success and was picked up by multiple Finnish print and online medias. As a result we reached our main target audience and more than 2 000 000 Finnish readers – making them see Estonia as an interesting and innovative country to work in.

We are glad that our initiative has received recognition: winner of Digitegu 2016, Golden prize from Kuldmuna 2017, winner in Internet Advertising Competition Award 2017.


Winner of Digitegu 2016, golden prize from Kuldmuna 2017, winner of Internet Advertising Competition Award 2017 

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