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IDEA Havas Media: we're bold, creative and pragmatic. Our principle is simple and specific: any media investment has to yield a measurable result for the client!

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IDEA AD is a brightly shining star in the Estonian ad agency firmament, creating meaningful brands for over 20 years! Running.

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You’ve got the right Idea. Our passion is for creating meaningful brands and connecting them to people. At Idea, experienced hand-picked teams propose strong creative concepts and help you achieve your goals. Our strength is 360-degree marketing communication.


Radiant, verbally gifted, the Idea content marketing team creates appropriate content for the brand’s audience – this way we can talk to just the right people about what both sides feel is important!

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IDEA PR is a communication management polymath who uses intelligence and creativity to get your messages to resonate in society – customized solutions to communication challenges!

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IDEA Havas Media

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meet one part of my tribe. what I love about my tribe is that we have (so much) fun every single day. and then occasionally we get awards for that. #ideaee


It was a good day. Not just because we scored a third prize on a project I committed to, but also because I got to share it with people I love. Congrats team! #kuldmuna2018


Ise Berliinis, aga Tallinnas jagati mune. Olin just šoppamas, kui munauudised sisse voolama hakkasid. @idea_eesti digiprojektid 3 muna (1 kuld, 2 pronksi)*. Parim saak - tähistamiseks ostsin need sokid. #kuldmuna2018 #ideaee #hotelcarpets . . *@saaraindiana andmed.


Ma ja immigrandid #ideaee #ipcc #kuldmuna2018


In my life, I have met numerous talented artists whose craft touched me on so many levels. Yet, no one will ever match the sensitivity and grandeur of legendary image artist @elengreete. Her undoubted skills place her up in the photographic Olympus as one of its immovable pillars.


in my natural habitat #ideaee


me and @santinocalvo are so happy to share some great news with everybody! we are glad to announce that we are expecting our first really good ad idea together!! #notreally #ideaee


Teistmoodi tööpäev # tedxtallinnavagla #ideaee #ideaeesti


Kui kontoris pole süüa muud kui üks king #ideaee


Empsil oli eile sünnipäev ja oh üllatust, enamus kinke olid minuga seotud 🙈🐶 #tysonboythepug #birthday #present #dog #pugs #pugsofinstagram #pug #ideaee


#ideaee #varjudemäng #valentinesday


now kiss! #ideaee

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